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Custom Design Process

How Does Process Work?

Initial Consultation

TIMELINE: Within A Few Days

Human figures collaborating together

The process starts with a free consultation where we meet and you help us see your vision. We help you solidify your vision.

We look at existing plans if available, measure, sketch, photograph and create as-built drawings. Occasionally a site-visit may be required.

Pencil and ruler taking measurements

How To Proceed


TIMELINE: Within A Week

Handshake agreement deal

From our consultation and by gathering some additional details we can now determine a recommended way forward, we go over the next steps with you. You put down a deposit and we move forward based on an agreement.

We begin to sketch your project. Depending on your needs we can meet in person to go over the design and fine tune things until your vision comes alive
3 hand drawn images on paper

Designing a Draft

TIMELINE: Initial plans within 2 weeks


TIMELINE: Within 2 weeks

Compass next to drawings of schematics plans

Once you are happy with the design we create full schematics which can be used for engineering, permits and contractors to establish a budget.

With the working drawings you will be able to get permits from the city you are in, calculated a budget, get a structural review from an engineer.

Construction of the project begins. At any point in the process the plans can be modified and changed.

Male and female holding hands in front of home

Permits, Construction, and Finalization

TIMELINE: Depends on your contractor and various other factor

Custom Add-on or Remodels To Your Home

Additions & Remodels

Creations West has been modifying existing homes since our beginning. We appreciate that some families value their homes, neighborhoods and want to stay in their space. But that they need additional space or they just want to update their homes. We enjoy helping you find creative solutions to space needs by working on a remodel or addition. Again it’s all part of your dream to create an incredible home for your family. Let us help you as “Even The Best Dreams Need A Plan!”

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